May 23, 2018

5 reason why you visit Majnu ka Tilla

Buddhist Monastery

Delhi's mini Lhasa has two Buddhist temples inside, where you will witness varied rituals, culture, the serene soft music of prayer bells, 

butter lamps, sculptures and how a Buddhist monk would lead his life. It was in the decade of 60’s when the Tibetan refugees were allocated

this stretch of the city for their establishment. They brought along with themselves, their rich cultural heritage and Buddhist way of living which

quickly transformed this place into a thriving Monastery market, as it stands today.

MOnastry in Majnu Ka tilla
Majnu Ka Tilla Monastery

Tibetan Food

The cuisine reflects the Tibetan landscape of mountains and plateaus and includes influences from neighbours (including India and Nepal). 

Sha Bakley - bread stuffed with seasoned beef and cabbage, which is then fashioned into semi-circular or circular shapes and which, according to regional variations, is either deep fried or pan-fried.

Momo - Also known as a dumpling, which has different seasoned as per customer choice. like Vegetable or Non-vegetarian.

Gyuma - a blood sausage with yak or sheep's blood and roasted barley flour or rice as filler

Tingmo - a type of steamed bun, a heavier version of the Han Chinese baozi.

Thenthuk - a type of cold-weather soup made with noodles and various vegetables.

Baklap - a central Tibetan flatbread cooked in a skillet rather than in an oven. (if you want fresh, come early morning for breakfast.)


Shop Buddhist Item

There are various street shops that sell everything related to Tibet culture and stylish cloth. You can buy colorful tees, flip flops,

 jeans, shoes, and bags from Rs 300 onwards. Girls can get regular and jewelry at a nominal price. Overall, the Majnu Ka Tila 

Tibetan Market is a great place to shop for souvenirs, apparels, and accessories. Do visit Norling Arts Gallery for a glimpse of How rich Tibetan culture is.

Norling Arts Gallery Shop
NorlingArts Gallery Shop in Majnu Ka Tilla

International Food in Majnu Ka Tilla

Majnu Ka Tilla is not only popular for Tibetan food only, it also provides a whole wide range of international food like Korean food(Busan Restaurant),

Nagaland food(Hornbill Restaurant), Italian Food (Sky Garden) and Indian cuisine(Waho Tenzin) too.

Busan Korean Restaurant

Cafe and Retro

An environment of Tibetan Culture where all walls are fills by shades of Tibetan letter and art. Menu design with Tibetan Text and

shakes of Tsampa and breakfast option of Tibetan Food. This thing all you get from cafes like AMA cafe and Yamanu Cafe.

So what you waiting for Do visit Majnu Ka Tilla (Mini Lhasa).

Tsampa Shake(Tibet Traditional Shake)

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